Community center and fire department, “Steinbach am Attersee”

A stream and stones are the basic elements that play a major role in the design of the new community center. At the heart of a village, the new community center combines a fire department, rooms for various associations, multi-purpose rooms and a little cafe. The new building integrates very nicely with the already existing buildings like a church and the surrounding environment, like a waterfall and the mountain "Höllengebirge". To further give the building a local reference, artwork by the local artist Gustav Mahler from C.L. Attersee and the original "Klavinova" by Friedrich Gulda was used. The building physicists Bernd Quiring was in charge for the acoustics of the music rehearsal room as well as the indoor rooms in the multi-purpose room. The community center occupies now a spot, where a tavern and a mill were originally located.

Completion date: 2012

PILGRAM-Prize 2016

Construction documentation

„With this project our goal was to use stone in its most natural form and condition for the wall and the roof. It is a great example how a small municipality can realize a cost-effective and sustainable solution, that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. This is also a show case for the use of natural blocks and gabions and hopefully will shift the public perception of these elements away from just being seen as reinforcements for slopes. The use of natural stones from the area was also seen as a very positive factor. In particular in the context of the sustainability, natural stones have a new significance in its application. This project demonstrates how natural stones can be used in other applications than just for the construction of buildings. Its use in the fassade creates the appearance of lightness through the transparency while the use on the roof protects the roof surface from the elements. A small reason for criticism is the attempt of using uniform materials, which wasn't followed through in every respect and could have gone further. This new interpretation of this material can be seen in this context as a signal to use more natural stones in the alp area, where this stone unfortunately increasingly is covered up.“

Jury statement of PILGRAM 2016

Hospital Graz south-west, location south

Hospital Graz south-west, location south
2016 – 2017

Zubau Pfarrhof, Rußbach am Pass Gschütt

Parish House
Rußbach am Pass Gschütt
2014 – 2016

Retirement home

Retirement home
2008 – 2013