Retirement home, Hallein

This building is at the city park of Hallein, next to the Ziegelstadel and the river Salzach. It is the largest modular wooden building in Austria, the rooms were assembled on location in a very short time thanks to the prefabricated wall units. We were able to reduce the total construction time by half a year. In addition, the cost for the wooden building came down to the levels of a conventional building.

From the local harvested wood, the artist Peter Hartl created some art pieces that were incorporated into the structure. An early work by Prähauser was also integrated in the building.

Completion date: 2013

Wooden building prize Salzburg 2015

Construction documentation

"The retirement home offers a precise solution for the situation. It opens up a part of the northeastern section of the park, that was occupied by the previous building. The unit of the street along with the so called Ziegelstadl now acts like a bridge and pulls people in. The award for the wooden building prize was given also because of the approach by the architects: the building was done in a passiv house standard and solid wood (BSP). Since the scale and repetition of the elements allowed for it, the architects decided to use prefabricated room elements, which resulted in great cost benefits even in comparison to conventional approaches. Because of the faster construction, the impact on the neighbourhood was minimized, which puts the cost saving in even a more favourable light. All 138 rooms were assembled within two months – on average twelve modules per day – on site. The different levels of the building have floor and wall panels with a wonderful warm wooden surface."

Jury verdict, wooden building prize Salzburg 2015

Hospital Graz south-west, location south

Hospital Graz south-west, location south
2016 – 2017

Zubau Pfarrhof, Rußbach am Pass Gschütt

Parish House
Rußbach am Pass Gschütt
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Gemeindezentrum und Feuerwehr

Gemeindezentrum und Feuerwehr
Steinbach am Attersee
2003 – 2012