About us

We are an architecture firm with years of experience in the planning and realisation of wooden buildings and passive houses.

Our goal and vision is to design and develop sustainable buildings. Sustainable in this context means, that we focus on energy efficiency and the use of high quality materials. But our intention goes even further: it is our intention that our buildings are long lasting in terms of the usage. We want to create places, that inspire people, where they live and work, but also relax and find their inner peace.

The sps-architekten were founded 2006 by Simon Speigner in the Salzburg area. We are a team of highly motivated, creative people, that believe in the power and potential of sustainable architecture. Together we create a social, ecological and economical sustainable future for our clients and society.


As leading architects for sustainable and energy efficient buildings in Austria, we plan our buildings with passion and engagement, with the intention to change and touch the lives of our clients and the community.

We create places and spaces with the understanding, that those are not just functional buildings but also places, that impact the people and the environment positively through architecture. That holds true for private residences, where it is our main objective, to maximize the satisfaction of our clients. But it equally holds true for the commercial buildings, where we focus on a functional work environment in addition to use materials and energy efficiently. This motivates our clients and fosters a creative surrounding. In our public buildings we put great value on creating places of interaction, discussions and the exchange of ideas.

Regardless in which field, our philosophy is always to find out the wishes of our clients are, figure out how the building is being used and based on that, design an individual solution. We believe in the exchange of know how and experience with other architects, engineers, clients in order to accomplish an optimal result.

We are also member in the "Gemeinwohlökonomie", an association of businesses that have made it their agenda to create an alternative economic system that is not based on profit orientation, but instead on confidence building, appreciation, cooperation, solidarity and sharing.